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Acepto Syringe (Irrigating Syringe) Finger Cot Rubber Heal
Armlet (Rubber) Finger Extension Splint Swab Carrier Culture Tube
Aircusion / Invalid Air Rings Finger Splint Straight Stool Cultue Bottle
B.P. Bulb Finger Proctector Spanner Bar
Breast Pump Frog Splint Stethoscopes
Bed Pan Hernia Belt Spitoon
Bed Pan (Designer) Hearing Aids Sphygmomanometer (B.P.)
Base Ball Splint Hospital Hollowares Silicon Heel Cushion
Blood Pressure Monitor Imported Breast Pump Suction Machine
Crutches Infantometer Syringe & Needle Destroyer
Crutches Iron / Aluminium Invalid Walking Stick Stainless Steel Tray
Crutches Spares Infant Mucus Extractor  Stax Mallet Splint
Commode Stool Infra Red Lamp Silicon Nipple
Cock Up Splint Karman Cannula Spirit Lamp
Cotton Thread (Silk / Nylone) Kramer Wire (Wire Cut Splint) Stethoscope Spares
Cervical Collar Kidney Tray Tablet Cutter
Dai Delivery Kit Kellys Pad with Pump Tripod Stick
Designer Walking Stick Lumber Sacral Belt Test Tube Stand & Slide Box
Douche Can (Anema Can) Macknitosh Thumb Brace
Elbow Crutches M.R. Syringe Kit (M.T.P. Syringe Kit) Urine Culture Bottle
Exercise Ball Microscope Glass Slide Urine Pot
Ear / Ulcer Syringe Nipple Shield Umbilical Cord Clamp
E.C.G. Roll Neoprene Ankle Support Wheel Chair (Imported)
E.N.T. Set Oxygen Mask Wheel Chair
Eye-Wash Cup (Plastic) Plastic Tray Walker
Faradic Machine (Current Machine) Petri Dish Aluminium / Iron Walker (Adjustable)
Finger Goniometer Pelvic Traction Belt Wrist Support
Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Pelvic Traction Pulley  
Four Leg Stick (New) Quardipod Stick  
Formalin Chamber

Revolving Stool / Patient Stool

Forearm Crutches Ring Pessary (Plastic & Rubber)  
Flow Meter with Bottle Rubber Cathetar  

  Anaesthesia Products
Diagnostic Products
Disposable Products
General Instruments
Rubber Goods
Hospital Holloware
Sterilizing Equipment
Suction Units & Spares
Rehabilitation Aids
Laboratory Goods
Hospital Furniture
Gynecological Products
Hospital Garments
  Rehabilitation Aids
Rib Belt
Foot/ Skin Traction Kit
Adhesive Bandage Skin Traction
Cervical Collar
Sacro Lumbar Belt
Ankle Traction Belt
Headache Band
Abdominal Belt
Hernia Belt
Ankle Binder
Traction Collar
Shoulder Immobilizer
Arm Sling (Pouch)
Clavicle Brace
Elastic Tubular Knee Caps
Elastic Knee Support
Wrist Brace
Finger Cot & Frog Splint
Wrist Band (Double Lock)
Tubular Sweat Band
Pelvic Traction Belt
Cervical Pillow
Cast Shoe
Walking Aids (Crutches, Walking Sticks etc..)
Water Bed
Finger Cot
Frog Splint
Base Ball Splint
Finger Protector
  Hospital Holloware
Bed Pans - Stainless Steel
Douche Can - Stainless Steel
Dressing Drums
Urinals - Stainless Steel
Kidney Trays - Stainless Steel
Trays - Surgical / Dressing / Instrument / Catheter
Gallipot & Sputum Mugs - Stainless Steel
Bowls & Basins - Stainless Steel
Bucket with Cover - Stainless Steel
Feeding Cups - Stainless Steel
Solution Cup

Spitoon with Gallipot
Sputum Mugs - Stainless Steel
  Diagnostic Products
Sphygmomanometers & Spare Parts (Blood Pressure Monitor)
Stethoscopes & Spare parts
Reflex Hammers / Tuning Forks
Head Band & Mirror sets
Mouth (Dental) Examination Mirrors & Handles
Thermometers Clinical
Magnifiers - Loupes & Optics
Height & Weight Measuring Scales - Mechanical
Measuring Tapes
  General Instruments
Blades - Surgical, Scalpel, Bistouris Handles
Suture Needles
Surgical Instruments
Student's Dissecting Sets (Kits) & Spare Instruments
Tweezers & Forceps
Dental Equipments - Dental Scaler, Forcep Collins, Plaster Spatula, Tooth Extractor, Gum Scissors, Wax Knife, Plaster Double Spatula

Anaesthesia Products
Face Mask Padded
Rebreathing Bag
Ambu type bag-Artificial Resuscitator-Child & Adult
Spares - Bulbs & Packing for Laryngoscopes
Oxygen Mask

  Sterilizing Equipment
Instrument Sterilizers - Stainless Steel
Dressing Drums - Stainless Steel
Bowl & Utensil Sterilizers - Stainless Steel
  Suction Units & Spares
Suction Units Pedal Operated
Suction Unit Eurovac
Suction Units Mobile
Suction Units Hivac
Suction Units Dual Power
Karman Cannula (Disposable)
Suction Unit cum Vacuum Extractor - Electric
  Laboratory Goods
Culture Bottles
Petri Dish
Bunsen Burner
Slide Box
Microscope Slides
Cover Slips (Glasses)
Filter Funnel
Blood Cells Counter (Manual)
Tripod Stands
Electrical Meters
Copper Wire
Stop Watch
  Hospital Furniture
Hospital Beds
Bedside Lockers
Bedside Tables
Baby Crib
Saline Stands (I.V. Stand)
Bedside Screens
Foot Stools
Bedside/Revolving Stools
Bowl Stands
Examination Table/Couch
Orthopaedic Tables
Wheel Chairs Folding / Fixed (Manual)
Kick Bucket & Crash Cart
Dust Bin - Foot Operated
Operation Theatre Tables
Obstetric Tables
  Gynecological Products
Abortion Set
Vacuum Extractor Sets - Manual & Electric
Midwifery Case with Lid (Aluminum)
Vaginal Speculums & Retractors
Breast Pumps / Breast Relievers
Nipple Shields (Silicon & Routine Model)
  Rubber Goods
Catheters - Malecot / Depezer / Jacques (nelaton) pattern
Rectal / Colon Tubes
Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)
Corrugated Drainage Sheets
Mackintosh Sheeting
Hospital Rubber Sheeting
Atomizer Bulbs
Enema Syringes (Higginson)
Douche Bags / Enema Bags
Vaginal Douche Spray
Rectal / Infant Syringe
Douche Tubes
Pipette Bulbs
Pipette Filler Bulbs - 3 Way
Hot Water Bottles
Stomach Tube
Ryles Tube
Irrigating syringe (Asepto Syringe) Plastic & Glass
Surgical/ Laboratory Tubing
Pessary Rubber Ring
Ice Bags
Ear / Ulcer Syringes
  Disposable Products
I.V. Cannulae
Nelaton (Jacques) Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Suction Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Infant Feeding Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Umbilical Cannula - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Kehr's T Tube - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Drainage Sheet - Disposable (P.V.C)
Yankur Suction Handle and Set
Ryles Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.)
Umbilical Cord Clamp
Polypropylene Kidney Tray
Close Wound Suction Unit
Stop Cock - 3way
Pregnancy Test Kit
Bandage Skin Traction
Scalp Vein Set
External Male Catheter
Infant Mucus Extractor
  Hospital Garments
Lab Coat
Lab Apron
Surgeon's Gown
Female Patient Gown
Surgeon's Suit
Patient Suit (Male/Female)
Bouffat Cap & Face Mask
Shoe Covers
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